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Double R Country Store is your single source supplier for all things “Country Living”. What do we mean by Country Living? Well, it’s not whether you live in the country or at the beach or in an urban high-rise. “Country Living” is a way of life. It’s an appreciation for the beauty of the world around us. It’s a respect for our environment and a desire to pass it on to others as it was passed on to us. It’s giving and expecting a certain level of quality in what we do and in what we receive. And that is how we do business at Double R Country Store.

We proudly feature such names as Big Green Egg, Georgia Quail Farm (GQF), Hawkeye Steel, and Brower in both our country store and in our extensive online showroom. What kinds of things do we sell, you ask? How about aquariums, poultry supplies, bird cages, feeders, poultry waterer, incubators, poultry incubators, meat grinders, food processing, green house, chicken coops, and even things like sausage seasoning, casings, dehydrators, cajun injector, and bird toys? I bet you also will need some barbecue supplies coming up, so stop in or click to find smokers, wood chips, and wood planks.

Whether arriving at our door or landing on our website you will know instantly that shopping at Double R Country Store will be a new and unique experience. Our website and our physical store were both built to give customers, old and new, the feeling that you are at the local General Store. Like the General Store of old, you will find almost anything you may need or want. We sell everything from the highest quality cat, dog, and bird feeders to our own line of food products for humans, cookbooks, lawn and garden products, green living supplies, small hobby farm / livestock itemsself-sufficient lifestyle items and much, much more.

Our approach to customer service is also built on the General Store model. From both our “brick and mortar” store and our online store, we will make every effort to help you find what you need, sell it at the best price we can, and carry it out to your car or have it shipped to you in the most economical and fastest way we can.

Our “Country Store” also contains a real Post Office. From here you can mail letters, packages, overnights, and buy stamps, envelopes, boxes and other necessary shipping supplies.

At Double R Country Store, we are committed to fostering the Country Living lifestyle. Part of that commitment includes bringing you the best products we can at the best prices possible. We only sell the type of quality products that we enjoy owning and using ourselves. And we are constantly adding to the already diverse selection of thousands of products for you to choose from. So come on in (online or in person) and enjoy the Double R way of doing business. As our owner often says, “If you come in once, you’ll be back.”